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Monday, January 5, 2015

Micromax YU YUREKA - Huge Features over Cyanogen MOD at a Cheaper price

Micromax is known at offering amazing features in terms of hardware at a cheaper price in India. It provided quad core and octa core processor mobiles accompanied by 2 to 3 gigs of RAM along with decent cameras at a pretty cheaper price. My concern was that these processors failed to reach the appropriate benchmark scores when compared to other processors with same juice. Most of the Micromax mobiles were powered with ARM7 processors and these processors failed to reach up the expectations when compared to Snapdragon processors in terms of speed and performance.

But the new YU YUREKA preferably called as Micromax YUREKA comes with amazing features like Octa core Snapdragon 615 processor along with 2 GB RAM. Most of the features are similar to HTC Desire 820. But the difference comes with price. YUREKA is available at less than half of the price of HTC Desire 820. Lets dig into the details.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Oppo R5: Sneak Peak

The Chinese manufacturers proved themselves that they can give a tough fight to the leading brands with their immensely powerful mobiles at a cheaper price. Mobiles like Xiaomi, Gionee and Oppo have stunned the world by offering high end features at a lower price. The one good thing I personally like is that these mobiles are released globally at once, so that everyone can get their hands on.

Oppo has carved its mark in Android market with some decent mobiles like Oppo find, Oppo mini and many more which had specs and features. Oppo R5 is the latest release by the Chinese manufacturer and it claims to be the thinnest mobile till date. Lets have a quick look.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

HTC Butterfly 2: An improved Butterfly

HTC has set some absolute landmarks in the world of smart phones which other companies thrive to be an equal or beat it. Previously HTC Butterfly was one among such smart phones which wowed the world. With beautiful looks, powerful processors and stunning display HTC Butterfly was a huge achievement in history of this Taiwanese manufacturer. Now they have improved their previous Butterfly with a little extra power and size. The new HTC Butterfly 2 comes with features just below to HTC One M8 in terms of build quality and appearance but, in terms of other features it is better than HTC One M8. Lets dig in.

Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Enable FaceTime in Middle Eastern and Blocked Countries?

Hello Dear Readers. This is my first post about an Apple product and am glad I came up with a good tweak for iPhone users. This tutorial is about enabling FaceTime on your iPhone in middle eastern countries as well as in some blocked countries.

 FaceTime is a voice over IP (VoIP) application developed by Apple for video telephony between supported iDevices as well as Mac OS X. This app lets you make calls over internet between different FaceTime users.

Please follow the step by step procedure carefully for getting FaceTime on your  device.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Protect USB Flash Disk from Virus?

Virus, Trojans, Worms whatever you name it, they always pose problem to us. With the increase in new apps and software's these threats have increased multifold. Though we use many powerful antivirus programs these viruses are still finding their way to slip into our systems. One of the easiest way for a PC to get infected is through the USB flash drives. When you plugin your USB into an unknown PC/Laptop there is a chance that the flash drive may get infected. In order to prevent this let us know how to protect your USB flash drive from getting infected with Virus or Trojans.