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Xioami Mi6: Specs and Features

The most anticipated Xiaomi Mi6 is out and it has killer features. Though the mobile is available in a limited edition, it has some spectacular features which will compete with many flagship phones that have been released in 2017. With almost half of the price compared to flagship phones, will this phone climbs up in users' view? Lets find out.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review

Xiaomi is known to release excellent phones in terms of features and looks at moderate to cheap price. Yet another budget phone is announced which is priced at 10,999 INR and is available on Amazon store. Xiaomi has been successful in reaching the user fans in terms of it's features and price. It has been listed in many editors' listings of top budget phones.

HTC U Play Specs and Features

HTC has been struggling for quite a long time since the release of HTC One series. AS the HTC One M9 did not receive the expected response from the public, HTC is fighting hard to get back it's image. HTC U Play is one such phone which grabs your attention with it's design and appearance. It is certainly a bold step when a company decides to redesign the phone completely from their trademark flagships.

Gionee A1: Specs and Features

Gionee, famous for offering decent mobiles at a budget price announced it's another mid ranged budget phone Gionee A1. This phone no different than many other mobiles available in terms of build quality and design. Still this phone has it's own merits which can differentiate it from other mobiles.

Bitmoji for Snapchat: Fastest growing app

Are you fan of making custom emoji's, then I guess you are familiar with Bitmoji for SnapChat. Bitmoji was launched about two years ago and previous year it was acquired by SnapChat itself. Now the number of downloads have increased to massive 5500 percent in few months. Though the app was not popular during it's initial days, it is now one of the fastest growing app which has overcome several other popular apps.

Meizu M5s Released

Meizu has announced it's new phone Meizu M5s which is the successor of M5. It is a budget phone offering some good features. It is currently available in China and yet there is no official announcement regarding it's availability in India and other global markets. It is available in two variants, 16 GB and 32 GB with an expected price of 8,000 INR and 10,000 INR respectively.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime: Rewview

Xiaomi is known for its smartphones with heavy hardware and low price. It is one of the major competitor in smartphone battle in terms of price as well as features they provide. Many smartphones from the Chinese manufacturing company gave tough competition to other high end mobile firms like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony etc. The distinctive feature of the Xiaomi phones is the price for which they are released and the hardware they provide. Last year when they released Xiaomi Mi4, it was a huge success to the company and it was a big rival to S5, LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z3 which had almost similar features. Now with the release of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime the company had made another huge impact on the budget smartphones, especially in Indian market. So let us look through the features of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime.

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Review

Lenovo has released its budget smart phone in India last week. It is a perfect device within its price range and as excellent features and ergonomics. Though it can't be a major competitor to high end smart phones, it has excellent potential in its range which can compete in the market efficiently.Probably Lenovo Vibe K5 plus is one of the finest budget smartphone with excellent features. Lenovo has been releasing it's budget range smart phones consistently in Indian market making it one of the most versatile company in this area. Lets have a look on the new Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus.

Panasonic Eluga I3 with LTE and VoLTE Support Released

Panasonic has announced it's mid ranged phone Panasonic Eluga I3 on Wednesday at an official meet. It has big 5.5 inches screen with beautiful premium design. It comes in three colors, Rose gold, Marine blue and Sun gold or Champagne gold.

LeEco Le Max 2: Preview

Chinese market are focusing to expand their android mobile market all over the world with extraordinary features that can compete with most of the leading mobile brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, HTC etc. LeEco Le Max 2 is one such phablet that has superb features that can punch out raw power. It is the second phone to have 6 GB RAM after Vivo Xplay 5 Elite but it has some lesser features than the latter.

Vivo Xplay 5 Elite: First Impressions

Chinese manufacturing company Vivo has announced it top end mobile Vivo Xplay 5 Elite with insane specs. It has many features that are not yet present in some the latest flagships of big manufacturers like LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. Soon this phone will hit market and will play the role of big brother. Why this phone is bigger than others? Lets find out.

Sony Xperia X Performance Dual: Hands On

Sony has announced new series of mobiles, X series instead of releasing a new Z series of mobiles. The X series has lot of similar features to it's previous Z versions but there are lot of changes in design and built quality. There are lot of improvements compared to Xperia Z5 premium in terms of hardware and built quality. The new version of X series from mobile doesn't indicate a halt to Z series of mobiles, it is just a new branch from the Sony Tree.

Gionee Elife S8 with 3D touch: First Look

The Chinese manufacturing company Gionee has produced decent mobiles which vary from mid class budget phones to some expensive mobiles. There have been some pretty decent mobiles like Gionee Elife S 5.5 and E7 mini which gave pretty tough competition to many big companies in terms of specs and features they offered. But finally it comes to your personal opinion which mobile you want to choose. Let's dig in.

Asus Zenfone 2: Review

There is a heavy competition in mid ranged mobiles, especially mobiles providing top notch features at a lower price. In India it has been a tough competition especially between Micromax, HTC, Nokia and Samsung. Asus is thriving really hard to push up the spot in this range by providing some decent mobiles at reasonably lower price. Asus Zenfone 2 is a mobile that has enough power in it to stand up tall in the mobile market. With lot of features and addons, Asus zenfone 2 ads tons of features for customizations and many more.

HTC One E9 Plus: Hands On

HTC One E9 plus is the brand new successor to HTC One E8 which was released last year. It is the new upgrade when compared to HTC One E8 and has many features which will outgrow it's predecessors.  HTC One E9 Plus is released along with HTC One M9 plus which is a bit less premium when compared to M9 plus. The price is not yet fixed but it will be available in market soon in this month.

Lenovo Vibe Shot: First Impressions

Lenovo provided many good mid ranged phones at a reasonable price. The Lenovo Idea phone being the first super phone from lenovo they pushed it further with some decent hardware Lenovo Vibe Z ( Review Here). Lenovo always focused on providing decent specs which can compete with top end phones at a reasonable price. Now Lenovo Vibe Shot is another mobile in this category. In this phone we will get pretty decent hardware and a good camera as well which was the achilles heel for many other mid ranged mobile manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: First Impressions

The era of Samsung Galaxy S series is a one of the most successful time for the company. Beginning with Samsung Galaxy S2, it created a new benchmark in the history of Android smart phones and the legacy continues. But the incorporation of plastic build phones which made them look cheap when compared to other models like HTC One, M8, iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy S series of mobiles (S3, S4 and S5) got severely criticized for their build quality. Samsung now have to overcome this and yes, they took a major overhaul with the Samsung Galxy S6.

Oppo R5: Sneak Peak

The Chinese manufacturers proved themselves that they can give a tough fight to the leading brands with their immensely powerful mobiles at a cheaper price. Mobiles like Xiaomi, Gionee and Oppo have stunned the world by offering high end features at a lower price. The one good thing I personally like is that these mobiles are released globally at once, so that everyone can get their hands on.

Oppo has carved its mark in Android market with some decent mobiles like Oppo find, Oppo mini and many more which had specs and features. Oppo R5 is the latest release by the Chinese manufacturer and it claims to be the thinnest mobile till date. Lets have a quick look.

HTC Butterfly 2: An improved Butterfly

HTC has set some absolute landmarks in the world of smart phones which other companies thrive to be an equal or beat it. Previously HTC Butterfly was one among such smart phones which wowed the world. With beautiful looks, powerful processors and stunning display HTC Butterfly was a huge achievement in history of this Taiwanese manufacturer. Now they have improved their previous Butterfly with a little extra power and size. The new HTC Butterfly 2 comes with features just below to HTC One M8 in terms of build quality and appearance but, in terms of other features it is better than HTC One M8. Lets dig in.

LG L65 Android Phone Launched in Russia

LG has released it's latest flagship in Russia, the LG L65. This mobile is a medium range version through which LG tries to reach more customers. The price is also mid ranged (7400 Roubles). In developing countries like India medium range mobiles have a huge market and LG L65 will rightly fix in the spot.

The previous budget phones from LG were L70 and L90 which were very successful in mid ranged mobiles. Now LG has come with another one.