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Samsung will sell Note7 Again

After the 'exploding' issues happened with Note 7, Samsung has fully recalled all devices. in October 2016. There was no word from Samsung about the reentrance of  this device until few leaks and rumours started appearing this year. Now Samsung had officially stated that they will release their old Note 7 with better reconstruction and fixed issues.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro: A replacement for Note 7?

After the embarrassing failure of Note 7, Samsung have released it's new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro which was available exclusively to Chinese market during it's launch timeline. They are slowly expanding to different countries depending upon the sales and is now available in India through Amazon. The phone mimics the Note 7 in most of it's feature with the exclusion of S pen. With massive 6 gigs of RAM and 4000 mAh battery the phone has many other promising features that has lot of potential to win your heart.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with IRIS Scanner: First Impressions

Samsung is about to announce it's new note flagship the Note 7. Surprisingly there is no Note 6. But yet it is still a speculation and the truth will be revealed on August 2nd 2016 whether the new phablet is Note 6 or Note 7 (Note 7,as many leaks and rumors point to). Before we predict what features will be on board let us dig in into the features which are confirmed or leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3

Samsung officially two phablets which will be hitting markets this may (Europe and Russia). These smart phablets which reduced the limitation further between mobiles and tablets.

With a monstrous screens of 5.8 (Mega 5.8) and 6.3 (Mega 6.3), these handsets are beasts in your hands in terms of sizes.

Galaxy Mega 5.8
Galaxy Mega 6.3

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus - Review

After two years of the release of Samsung's revolutionary flagship Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung retouched and remodelled it's initial master piece. The former mobile took Samsung's name and fame to a high line which is evident that the S II landed in more than 40 million pockets.

The initial flagship astounded users by it's crisp stunning AMOLED display, super fast performance and brilliant quality.

Now Samsung has redefined this master piece with a new look and some upgraded features.