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How to Select Best Smartphone

Smartphones have become an intimate part of our lives. To stay in touch with our family and friends, smartphones play a pivotal role in connecting the relations. Not only for maintaining contacts but also for recreations, games, photography, and much more, smartphones have become part and parcel of our lives. With the ever increasing demands for smartphones, many manufacturing firms are regularly releasing mobiles with new features, hardware, software and advanced technology.

There will be an obvious confusion amongst users to select the best smartphone which will meet their expectations. This guide will help you to select the best smartphone and a broad outline regarding the points that should be considered before you buy a smartphone.

Yalu Jailbreak

Yalu Jailbreak is the first jailbreak for iOS 10. Renounced hacker Luca Todesco released this jailbreak for limited devices which supports 64-bit devices. Yalu Jailbreak supports iOS 10.0.1 -10.1.1 and 10.2 devices. iPhone 7 and 7 plus cannot be jailbroken if you are on iOS 10.2 or up. This jailbreak is unstable and supports a minimum number of tweaks and apps that can be installed through Cydia.

WhatsApp Two Step Verification update

WhatsApp has released an update with the two step verification feature. It was in beta test mode since last year and it is finally released. With this feature enabled in your devices you can now secure your WhatsApp data and messages more secure than before.

How to Enable FaceTime in Middle Eastern and Blocked Countries?

Hello Dear Readers. This is my first post about an Apple product and am glad I came up with a good tweak for iPhone users. This tutorial is about enabling FaceTime on your iPhone in middle eastern countries as well as in some blocked countries.

 FaceTime is a voice over IP (VoIP) application developed by Apple for video telephony between supported iDevices as well as Mac OS X. This app lets you make calls over internet between different FaceTime users.

Please follow the step by step procedure carefully for getting FaceTime on your  device.

How To Protect USB Flash Disk from Virus?

Virus, Trojans, Worms whatever you name it, they always pose problem to us. With the increase in new apps and software's these threats have increased multifold. Though we use many powerful antivirus programs these viruses are still finding their way to slip into our systems. One of the easiest way for a PC to get infected is through the USB flash drives. When you plugin your USB into an unknown PC/Laptop there is a chance that the flash drive may get infected. In order to prevent this let us know how to protect your USB flash drive from getting infected with Virus or Trojans.

How to Use PC internet on Your Android Mobile via USB

We all know how to use Android mobile as modem and use cellular data on PC or laptop via USB tethering.  But now we are about to do the opposite. In this guide I will guide you how to use your PC's internet on your Android mobile via USB. This method is called as Reverse Tethering. 

With reverse tethering you can use your broadband connectivity on your mobile via USB cable. This method is particularly useful for people who don't have a wireless router or if you are using a LAN cable for broadband connections via modem.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear

Here is a quick guide for rooting Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Please proceed with caution because rooting will void warranty of your device. 

I am in no way responsible if you get any errors or faulty out comes.

How to Recover Soft Bricked Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo v, now only Sony Xperia Neo V was an excellent mobile from the Sony brand line. With some extra ordinary features like good speed and performance, decent camera and excellent loud speaker, this mobile won heart of many. Coming to the point! The latest version available so far for this mobile is Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4. This version is too old when compared to the latest version, Android KitKat. Installing a custom ROM with better features, performance and addons will make this mobile much better. Installing a custom ROM have many risks as well as many advantages. One of the most common risk is, soft bricking or stuck in a boot loop with Sony logo.

How to Partition Your SD Card for Android Without PC?

The Android OS has lot of scope in development and user flexibility. This helps developers and users to modify the architecture of the system. The mobile can be modified in several ways. Thanks the Open source by Google.

Mobiles with low internal memory thrive a lot in terms of performance and usage. You can extend this limit by partitioning your SD card and expanding the ROM of your mobile. So let us know how to partition SD card and why is a partition needed.

What is Partitioning SD card?
In simple terms partitioning sd card is breaking your sd card into two parts and making one part accessible for mobile (making it as internal memory) and other part for user. No matter how large you make the partition, the more the internal space better the performance of the phone.

How to Choose Best Android Mobile?

In the Ocean of Android smart phones, there are numerous options for you to choose. Day by day new Android smart phones are released into the market. Mobile gargantuans like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG etc are competing quite aggressively with each other in a wide range of mobile categories. There are surplus mobiles available in market that come with wide variety of pricing.

Many users get confused in how to choose best android mobile for them. So here is a guide that might help you in this regard.

Download and Share Free Android Apps With Moborobo App Store

Google Play Store is one of the largest app store available for Android users. But there are few other app stores which provide quality and quantity of apps for Android users. Such an app store is Moborobo.

Moborobo is not only and app store for an Android phone, the company also provides Android mobile manager for PC with which you can download and applications to your PC. You can also install the apps onto your mobile connected via USB cable to your PC with the help of Moborobo Smartphone Manager Tool. Moborobo PC suite is available for both iPhone and Android mobiles.

The mobile app store for Android provides lot of apps which are very easy to download. The good feature about this app is, your apps are officially linked to Google market and  you can update your previous apps either via Google Play Store or Moborobo.

How to Run Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Almost every android device will have Facebook app. The official Facebook app has the imitation to use for only single user. People who have multiple accounts can't use the official Facebook app to access their multiple accounts. To overcome this issue there is a way in which you can use multiple Facebook accounts within single application.

Let us know step by step how to use multiple Facebook accounts on your android device.

How to add a Discussion Forum to your Blog

Discussion forum is the essential platform in engaging users about any topic to discuss and share ideas. There are many huge discussion forums that have many thousands of users. A discussion forum is very essential for sharing your ideas, asking questions, providing information and many more. Most of the websites are having their own discussion forum. People running their own blogs or websites on web hosting services are also providing their own forums.

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Your Android device

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service between mobiles. For many users WhatsApp has become the alternative for SMS text messages. This app saved many users from paying bills for their text messages. Not only text messages but users can also send images and videos.

This cross platform app is very widely used in most of the mobiles.

So people having dual sim android mobiles want to use dual WhatsApp accounts which can operate with two different numbers. So let us get started how to use this.

Tips to Increase battery life of your Android mobile

Battery backup is most critical in every Android phone. It is widely attributed by many Android users that battery life is what they consider before buying a new mobile.

Now a days most of the mobiles come with replaceable batteries or two batteries so that we can replace with other when the user battery runs out of juice. A case study proved that many users expected a better performance from their battery while they travel long distances. Battery should last until they reach their destination. Let us look at few tips that boosts up the battery life of your Android device.

10 Tips to increase performance and speed of your PC or Laptop

Higher configuration, top processor, awesome RAM, lots of space all these does not count when the system is not used properly. Though you may have the top end system, improper usage will make the PC or Laptop slow.

In order to speed up your PC or Laptop follow some simple steps to get the best of it.

10 Tips to increase the performance of your Android phone

The world of Android is growing so rapidly that it became the largest selling mobile platform. The ever increase in demand for performance made few mobiles fall behind.

During initial release of Android mobiles, many mobiles came up with little internal memory and low CPU
speed. With the advent of new technology the processing speed and RAM of mobiles climbed high. The older mobiles lagged a lot in performance. New apps are developed which consume lot of phone memory and these apps are required for many users. This consumed lot of ROM as well as RAM bringing down the performance. So here are few tips to increase the performance and speed of your mobile.

How to Root and Install Custom Rom on Motorola Milestone A853

Hello Readers!

This tutorial is about how to root and install Custom Rom on Motorola Milestone A853 running on Android 2.2.1(Indian Users, GSM Mobile).

This Milestone is an excellent device (compared to other devices released at the time of its release). But with the increase in demand of performance and development of apps which require high space and RAM, this phone fell way beyond in performance. This mobile also comes with low internal storage. Installing new apps which specifically need phone memory has become a quite a hastle.

So rooting the mobile and installing a custom rom will specifically increase the phones performance since you can move some immovable apps to sd card and many custom roms specifically occupy very low internal memory giving you lots of internal memory. This will decrease the load on the phone's CPU. 

Safety Tips For Online Shopping

Online Shopping has become so popular these days that more than 50% of the consumer goods are sold over world wide web. Many new E-commerce sites are appearing with exciting offers and discounts. At the same time online phishing or hacking has also increased dramatically. Many users have become victims of these activities.
Safety Tips For Online Shopping

Before you purchase anything from an online store, do you
know is that store/website safe or
reliable? How far is the trustworthiness of the website?

So here are some tips before you step your foot to buy goods through an online store.