Nokia D1C: Specs

As Nokia is coming back to the mobile world and the iconic Nokia 3310 is released to market, many leaks and rumours are sprouting up with many new Nokia phones with elegant features. Nokia D1C was no exception to that. Some features are claimed to be final while some are still rumoured.

HTC U Play Specs and Features

HTC has been struggling for quite a long time since the release of HTC One series. AS the HTC One M9 did not receive the expected response from the public, HTC is fighting hard to get back it's image. HTC U Play is one such phone which grabs your attention with it's design and appearance. It is certainly a bold step when a company decides to redesign the phone completely from their trademark flagships.

Gionee A1: Specs and Features

Gionee, famous for offering decent mobiles at a budget price announced it's another mid ranged budget phone Gionee A1. This phone no different than many other mobiles available in terms of build quality and design. Still this phone has it's own merits which can differentiate it from other mobiles.

Bitmoji for Snapchat: Fastest growing app

Are you fan of making custom emoji's, then I guess you are familiar with Bitmoji for SnapChat. Bitmoji was launched about two years ago and previous year it was acquired by SnapChat itself. Now the number of downloads have increased to massive 5500 percent in few months. Though the app was not popular during it's initial days, it is now one of the fastest growing app which has overcome several other popular apps.

WhatsApp Brings back the Old Text Status Update

After the new photo status update many users were confused where the text - only status update went missing. But it was removed in previous versions of update and only photo update status was available. Thanks to the developers, they took the feedback of users and brought back the text - only status update with little changes.