How to add a Discussion Forum to your Blog

The discussion forum is the essential platform for engaging users about any topic to discuss and share ideas. There are many huge discussion forums that have many thousands of users. A discussion forum is very essential for sharing your ideas, asking questions, providing information and many more. Most of the websites are having their own discussion forum. People running their own blogs or websites on web hosting services are also providing their own forums.

Non-hosting blogs such as Blogger have very limited resources. Adding a forum to blogger is a challenge to meet all requirements of a professional discussion platform. But this limitation has been overcome by certain providers with which you can add a full-fledged discussion forum to Blogger. Let us now know how to add a decent discussion forum to Blogger.

1) Nabble

Nabble is one of the simplest and easiest methods of integrating discussion forum to your blog. Signup to Nabble and customize your desired discussion forum. You can add this forum very easily with HTML code.

To add this forum to your blog, create a static page and name it as a discussion forum or any other of your choice. Open the page editor in HTML mode and copy the code of your forum you created in Nabble. Publish the page and you are done. Your new discussion forum is ready and you can engage users in your discussions.

2) is another embeddable forum provider. It is quite simple and integrating the forum is same as Nabble. The difference is has different plans and pricing with which you can switch according to.
 Select your provider according to your choice and start your discussion forum.