Google Sends C & D Notice to Microsoft

Adding more fuel to the classic rivalry between the tow tech giants Microsoft and Google, the C & D (Case and Desist) notice by Google to Microsoft powered this fight.

Microsoft released Youtube app for windows mobile users. The netizens were happy about this but Google isn't. This app blocks ads on the Youtuvbe videos and also allows the users to download Youtube videos which rips off the revenue for Google as well as users. This is stated as against the the Youtube's API policy.

Google swiftly responded and asked Microsoft to dismiss this app from the store and disable the exisiting downloads by 22nd May.

According to the letter by Verge Google stated as
 "Unfortunately by blocking advertising and allowing downloads of videos, your application cuts off a valuable ongoing revenue source for creators and causes harm to thriving content ecosystem on you tube"

Now Google has disable Exchange ActiveSync support since this app on Windows store was reportedly to be designed and launched without the consent of Google.