Top 5 Smart Phones of the Year 2013

With the ever increase in demand of high end specs for mobiles, there has been a very tough competition between different manufacturers to take the crown of the mobile arena.

The introduction of dual core processors (first by LG) ignited the fuel of speeds. The phone's performance and speed has become a significant factor to be in the race. Similarly AMOLED display, Super IPS display, camera, ppi (pixel per inch), battery, expandable memory have become the main heavy weight competitors.

Considering all these factors many companies have put their best engineers to make their best trademark. Let us look at the top five mobiles that compete with each other, yet they are the best in some particular features of their own.

5) Nokia Lumia 920

Probably the best of Windows OS. Nokia focused on developing mobiles with windows platform rather than it's Symbian trademark since past year. Though windows os falls way beyond in simplicity, number of apps compared to iOS and Android, this phone is a wonderful piece.

With excellent display, Bright vivid colors, decent camera with smart shoot mode and good processor speed this mobile will be the first choice to users who are not inclined for iphone or any android.

  • Excellent display.
  • Good speaker volume.
  • Good performance.

As mentioned earlier windows platform is way behind in quality and quantity of apps.

4) iPhone 5

iphone has been the top smart phone for years. It has been crowned as the king of smart phones and this has been boosted by Apple's iphone 4S. But there has been a very tough rivarly between Samsung and Apple and this competition is still going on. The tug of war is still at the peaks.

Anyways, Apple iphone 5 is a quite an innovative device. The design is changed, new iconic design and major changes in the software too. The stunning retina display is the major weapon of iphone. The camera too is another ammo of apple. The ease of use and simplicity of usage has kept iphone one of the most favourite handset.

  • Excellent display and camera. 
  • Decent call, audio and video quality.
  •  Excellent speed and performance.

  • Poor maps.
  • iOS lags in multitasking and handling apps compared to Android. 
  • High price.

3) Sony Xperia Z

"The best of Sony, in a Smart phone" the tag line of Xperia Z. This is truly justified by Sony Xperia Z.
Decently build and premium quality feel. The dust and water proof feature attracted many customers. Sony's Bravia engine display is one of the best display available in market. The camera is the greatest asset. The photos are quite natural and HD videos are stunningly superb.

  • Unique design.
  • Premium build quality.
  • Water resistance.

  • Battery is not removable. 
  • Volume rocker placement is not so innovative.

2) Samsung Galaxy S 4

The Samsung Galaxy has ruled the smart phone kingdom after overcoming Apple's competition. With the introduction of AMOLED display and speedy processor with it's Galaxy S II, it peaked the smart phone arena. Though there is a constant rivalry between both and personal choice between users, no doubt Samsung is the best and the beast.

The octa core processor (pseudo octa core) is probably the fastest processor available. The new features like air view, air gestures, smart stay add to the rich features of this mobile. The camera with double shooting mode (using both cameras at once) is a new feature. Decent camera and stunning display are also biggest assets along with removable battery.

  • Excellent screen.
  • Speedy processor.
  • Great additional features.
  • Decent camera.
  • Plastic build body creates a cheaper look.
  • Extra features like air view and air gestures are not up to the mark.
  • Additional features may rather confuse than enhancing the ease of use. 

1) HTC One

 HTC set the standard for display with its HTC One X series. The display was best out there in market. But with few drawbacks and other excellent devices has dropped the sales of HTC. Now HTC has come up with the best and probably the best of the best.

The HTC One has an excellent aluminium body and has a great premium feel. The display is stunning and the pixels per inch (469 ppi) is greater than any smart phone available, beating Samsung Galaxy S 4 (441). The display is supreme and HTC again set the standard of it.

The HTC sense 5 UI is buttery smooth. The HTC Zoe is a great addition to the camera. The Ultra pixel feature of the camera may be a drawback. The ultra pixel is great in low light pictures and videos. You can take excellent pictures in low light with great reproduction which other mobiles fail even to capture an image. The dual front facing speakers are also good. In loud environment, say a live concert or club dance you can record the video decently with excellent sound quality.

  • Premium build quality.
  • Buttery smooth performance over HTC sense 5 UI.
  • Stunning vibrant display.
  • Non removable battery and non expandable memory.
  • Ultra pixel camera may not compete with others.

That's our top 5 list of Smart phones 2013. There can be some personal opinions and the order may change according to individual opinion. We always consider all the possibilities and provide the best.

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