Samsung will sell Note7 Again

After the 'exploding' issues happened with Note 7, Samsung has fully recalled all devices. in October 2016. There was no word from Samsung about the reentrance of  this device until few leaks and rumours started appearing this year. Now Samsung had officially stated that they will release their old Note 7 with better reconstruction and fixed issues.

Samsung stated that Note 7 caught fire due to the issue in the battery. The battery over heated and even in some cases caused explosion. They stated that they will run tests and will release Note 7 with eco friendly materials in battery and that can be recycled.

The company also stated that they will working with European Union R & D and try developing eco friendly methods. It is a bold move from Samsung to reintroduce the device which failed.

With just two days away from the official release of the Samsung's flagship devices S8 and S8 Plus, this statement raised eyebrows of many competitors. But releasing a reconstructed mobile, will it make it successful seller? Well there won't be any losses but I guess there won't be any profits either. It is a relaxing news for the customers who bought or loved Note 7 earlier.  The exact date when this reconstructed device will hit market is officially not announced yet.