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How to Jailbreak iOS 9

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5?

With the latest release of iOS 10.3.3, the jailbreak has become a no man's land for many hackers and developers. As the security loopholes have been patched regularly by Apple with their new updates, jailbreak development has come to halt. May be there will be a successful tool in future that jailbreaks the latest iOS but it is yet an uncertain hope.

Older devices, especially 32-bit devices support by apple has been stopped and some devices don’t even get the latest iOS update. On the brighter side, the older iOS (9.3.5) is jail breakable. Thanks to the hard work of Chinese developers Siguza and Thimstar. While many users search about how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 since the update has been released, these Chinese hackers released a semi – untethered jailbreak tool called Phoenix. iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is a semi – untethered jailbreak, you will lose your jailbreak every time you restart the device. This means you need re – jailbreak again with the Phoenix app.


  • Backup your iPhone/iPad to PC via iTunes.
  • Make sure you have iOS 9.3.5. If you have latest iOS above 9.3.5, you are out of luck as the jailbreak tool does not support higher iOS versions and you cannot downgrade to lower version.
  • Your device must be a 32-bit device. 64-bit devices are not supported.

NOTE: Jailbreaking will void the warranty of the device and may cause irreversible damages. We are not responsible for any damages incurred. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Download Cydia Impactor from HERE for your windows PC or Mac or Linux and install it.
  • Download Phoenix app which will be an IPA file from HERE.
  • Open the Cydia Impactor and install the Phoneix IPA which you have downloaded in above step. Drag the IPA file to the top section in Cydia impactor and click start. Enter your Apple App store credentials if prompted.

  •  Once the installation is completed, don’t open the Phoenix app on your iDevice, go to settings – General – Profiles and Trust the profile which has your Apple id. This means you are allowing the Phoenix app as a trusted app which was installed with your Apple id and password.
  • Open the Phoenix app on your device and tap on ‘Prepare for Jailbreak’. Once the app successfully jailbreaks your device, it will reboot and you can see Cydia app on your home screen.
  • Open the Cydia and let it load all the substrates. If you see any updates available in the app, update them.


Error #1
Phoenix did not jailbreak the device.

Keep trying until you succeed. It is officially stated by the developers that the Phoenix app may fail sometimes to jailbreak the device and the fix is to keep trying until you succeed.

Error #2
Jailbreak or Cydia app disappeared after rebooting the device.

This is not an error technically. As iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is a semi – untethered jailbreak, you will lose your jailbreak once the device is restarted. To re – jailbreak it, just launch the Phoenix app and tap on ‘kickstart jailbreak’.

Error #3
Phoenix app disappeared after 7 days.

Yes, the Phoenix app vanishes after 7 days and this is because you have a free Apple id. To install the app, follow the above tutorial again, install Phoenix app via Cydia Impactor.Note that only the Phoneix app disappears but not the jailbreak or Cydia app. Your jailbreak files remain intact. Install Phoenix app only if you want to re - jailbreak your device which you lost during reboot.


Note that Phoneix app for iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak will support only 32-bit devices and not 64-bit devices.

  • iPad Mini 1
  • iPad 2, 3 and 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5 and 5C
  • iPod Touch 5

These are the devices that are supported by Phoenix app. If you have any other iDevice other than above-mentioned devices, you cannot jailbreak using this method.

Share your opinions and questions in comments below.


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